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Introduction to Aland

Introduction to AlandIt is strange to even think of the places that exist within a country, in a particular state but its frontiers never explored by the people who reside within the state’s prominent metro cities. Karnataka is famous for cities of Bengaluru, Mangalore and others, but seldom do its’ residents explore the administrative sub divisions lying within the state, not far from these cities. Aland is one such town in state of Karnataka in Gulbarga district with Aland Taluka being the administrative base of the same. Situated barely 40 kilometers from Gulbarga district headquarters (city); Aland has a Town Municipal Council established in 1952.

Geography and Demography

Situated at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level, Aland is placed at an angle of 76.57 degrees east and 17.57 degrees to the north with a radius of barely 8 square kilometers. Aland Taluka shares its borders with Basavakalyan Taluka in Bidar district of Maharashtra and Afzalpur and Gulbarga Talukas in state of Karnataka. Besides Gulbarga, Latur, Solapur, Shahabad, Kalburgi and Umerga are closest cities to Aland sub division.

With a population of 35,308 people, Aland experiences a tropical climate with hot and humid summer temperature hovering around 44 degrees Celsius and moderate temperature hovering around 22 degrees Celsius in winter months. Aland is located at a distance of 612 kilometers from Karnataka state capital Bengaluru and 520 kilometers from Maharashtra state capital Mumbai.


Kannada and Urdu are local dialects spoken in Aland Taluka in Gulbarga district of Karnataka.

Places to visit

There are not many notable tourist spots in Aland, yet there is Hingul Ambika Temple, Sri Sidharameshwar Mahaswamiji Math, Hazrat Khwaja Shaikh Makhdum Allauddin Ansari, Dawal Malik Dargah, Sri Hanuman Temple, Sri Bhagyavanthi Temple and Sri Revansiddheswar Temple.

How to Reach

Aland is well connected by road with major states and cities like Osmanabad, Bidar, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Latur, Solapur, Pune, Gulbarga and Mumbai. Aland does not have a railway station, but the closest railway station is located 10 kilometers away at Bablad and Gulbarga.

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